Our new pupils from Esplanade's school 2013/2014

Our new class: Georges Ouvrard school


The Esplanade's school of Sedan

The Georges Ouvrard's school of Sedan


Marine Aviators Primary School located in the northern part of Poland, is a small school
in Siemirowice village. The school with its 50-year tradition is situated among the forests and lakes
in the beautiful Polish Kashubian area, 40 km from the Baltic Sea. There is a military unit of marine aviators in a village  where the school’s name was taken from. Now 129 students aged 6 to 12 years attend it. They learn three languages
​​- English, German and Kashubian - the language of our region J. The students enjoy sports activities most. They love playing volleyball, beach volleyball
and football - especially popular after the European Championships Euro 2012, which was organized by Poland and Ukraine. The school provides students the opportunity to develop their interests such as cooking, art or board games which are held in a school common room. Moreover, plenty of competitions maintaining Polish and European traditions are organized, connect the whole community and fulfill their expectations.

At the school each and every one of the students is valued and they are at the very centre of all
that is done. By recognizing their unique needs and aspirations, providing equal opportunities
and a caring environment, the students are able to flourish and achieve their best.

 SLOVENIA                                      Our school Braslovce

Primary school Braslovče is located in a small town called Braslovče. The school has got a little over 400 pupils. It consists of four schools, a central school and 3 branch schools (from 1-5 grade). It’s formed as an institution as we also have a kindergarten in the same building. The school has a title of Healthy school, so we give a lot of attention to healthy physical and mental development of our pupils. The school offers our pupils many afterschool sports activities (volleyball, healthy life style (after school activated financed from the Ministry of education), dancing club ...) and cultural activities (acting club, newspaper club, literally club, reading club, puppet club, fairytale club, art club ...). It’s very well known for the volleyball as our girls are the national champions on the primary school level. The school is involved in projects “European village”, “Spring day” and “Reading and comprehension skills” on the national level. Our pupils participate in many competitions in different subjects (science, math, literature, crafts, languages, sports, acting...) on local and national level. Since the school is located in such a small town there is a lot of cooperation with local community (alpine club, cultural club, fire-fighters ...). The primary school in Slovenia includes children from age 6 to 15, in 9 grades. We also have one disabled child in the third grade, who has a special escort, as well as some children with different learning disabilities, who receive extra help. The school has got immigrants from Albania. A certain number of students obtain financial support (for example free meal).

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